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Umbria jazz, Tom Jones sposta tutti i concerti al 2021

A comunicarlo è stato l’artista in un comunicato. I biglietti già venduti saranno validi

Tom Jones

Il concerto di Tom Jones, in programma a Perugia il 14 luglio in occasione di Umbria jazz, è stato posticipato al 13 luglio 2021. A comunicarlo è l’artista con una nota inviata all’organizzazione in cui si spiega che il motivo, ovviamente, è da ricercare nella pandemia di nuovo coronavirus. I biglietti già venduti saranno validi. Di seguito il comunicato di Tom Jones.

Nel corso del pomeriggio il servizio completo

I’m really sorry to have to inform you that my shows scheduled for this Summer have had to be postponed until next year. As you most likely are aware, public performances are sadly not going forward as normal for just about everyone who works in music and entertainment. My team have been monitoring the UK government advice on organised gatherings and I now need to take this action to ensure the protection of fans, my crew and everyone who works in support of the shows. It is also important to help ease the pressure on those working on the front line to fight this virus. You all know how much I love performing but everybody’s safety must come first. Behind the scenes we’ve been working with local promoters to re-schedule all the shows from this summer as closely as possible. To make it easy, all tickets already purchased for this year will remain valid for the re-scheduled shows in 2021. A full list of all re-scheduled dates can be found on my website. Alternately, if you need a refund, please contact your original point of purchase. In the meantime, please stay home, stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon.”

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